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Welcome to my Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes website. I am a huge Ed Powers fan and have an extensive collection of his Dirty Debutantes movies on VHS and DVD. Unfortunately, many of my VHS tapes are starting to show their age and I am in the process of replacing them with their DVD counterparts. As you can see I am working on building a comprehensive listing of all of the Ed Powers Dirty Debutante movies. I am still missing many Dirty Debutantes box covers but I will be adding them as I find them. I hope you enjoy looking through my Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes collection and if you'd like to support my efforts, please visit the Official Ed Powers website. Thanks!
Where to Watch Ed Powers Videos Online

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There are a couple sites that offer a great selection of streaming Ed Powers movies. They both have most of the Dirty Debutante series along with many videos from Ed's other series such as New Ends, Cockless, Oh Those Lovin' Spoonfuls, Porn O' Plenty, The Real Naturals etc.
Hot Movies - Adult Video on Demand: I don't know of any site that has a bigger collection of Ed's movies. I think the current tally is approaching 700 videos available and it seems to keep growing. The collection is nearly complete with only a few titles missing spread across the different series. Every scene from the different titles is broken down with thumbnail previews and scene details. They have a good search function so it's easy to find the exact movie you're looking for. I'm afraid there aren't any free preview trailers but if you've never used the site before Hot Movies will give you 10 free minutes just for signing up.
The immensely popular Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes series rocketed Ed Powers to adult film stardom in 1990. The Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes movies feature adult film star "wannabe's" scouted out by Ed Powers himself. At first glance, Ed Powers wouldn't strike you as being a guy capable of corralling such a large stable of Dirty Debutantes as he has done. However Ed's silver tounge and easy going demeanor wins the dirty debutantes over, every time. Some of the most popular current adult film stars were put on the map thanks to the Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes series. I'm sure Ed was only too happy to help.

The All New Dirty Debutantes Series

After a 5 year hiatus, Ed is back with several new releases bringing his fans The All New Dirty Debutante Series. Filming hot girls in their first time on camera must be like riding a bike for Ed because he didn't miss a beat. The latest videos are classic "Ed" but with better video and audio quality than the early days. Ed still has his knack for finding fun and friendly first timers and you'll see there's no shortage of them is his latest videos. For something special, check out Volume #374: Unedited Fan on the Wall Version. You'll get a behind the scenes look at how Ed films his videos as if you were right there in the room. Volume #374 runs for over 4 hours so grab some popcorn (or something else). Click any of the box covers below for cast info and descriptions along with thumbnail scene previews of each release.

Volume #370

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Volume #374

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Even after a decade of great Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes movies, the series is becoming even more popular. Ed Powers likes to keep things fresh by continually adding pretty new faces and hot bods to the Dirty Debutantes series. Check out some recent releases from the Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes series below. For a more comprehensive list, check out the recently updated Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes filmography.

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