Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes 101

As promised in Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes no.100, here is Kami Boh's return with Jake Steed and myself. It was a spontaneous decision on Kami's part to go further with Jake and what a hot scene it is! It starts out with the famous "Jake Surprise".

A lost Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes episode back in the day of the internal cum shot with Shiandra Cesno is found and presented to you in this volume. She is adorable and eagerů Lovely Floridian Billi's first time is no exception to the lineage of Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes, eager to learn, eager to experience and eager to please!

Ginger Sanz is exciting and exotic; her intense expressions can not hide the pleasure nor conceal the experience she is feeling as she makes and Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes debut. This volume is going into my masturbatory collection for sure! Please enjoy!

Kami Boh, Shiandra, Ginger Sanz, Billi
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