Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes 23

Variety. Dynamic sensuality. Returning debutantes do an encore. Electrifying first-time experiences. These are some descriptions of "Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes no.23. Nikki Dial found her way to Ed's place. At the time, she did a solo, but wasn't ready to jump into the adult biz. A message from Nikki to explain the true story. Witness the first-time on camera experience of one of the true superstars of adult entertainment. Nikki really gets herself off!

Monique DeMoan will soon hit the biz with a bang! Ed Powers gets behind her to help her reach of orgasmic goal. Montana will also shortly hit the biz with a whambang! Ed had her go first, then Tabitha Cash, Bonita and Shawnee Cates jump in for the ultimate group cum-fest!

Killian, Tia and Ashley Davidson step boldly forward to share with you a special moment in their lives in Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes 23. Killian and Tia are precious. Ashley may be looking for an acting award, but it does take all kinds. All in all, what does this synopsis mean? Variety. Dynamic sensuality and sexuality. Returning Debutantes…etc…etc…etc. Enjoy! Check out other Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes movies from this exciting gonzo series.

Monique DeMoan, Nikki Dial, Tia, Tabitha Cash, Shaunee Cates, Montana, Bonita, Kilian, Ashley Davidson, Ed Powers
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